Sermons On The Power Of Agreement

Posted by on October 7, 2021

It is not the Lord`s intention that a Christian online casino is a lonely ranger because He knows that there is great strength in unity. If two or more people gather in His name, Jesus Himself, with all His power and majesty, will be in their midst. It becomes easier to praise and worship God. It becomes easier to talk to God and about God. Faith is united and strengthened; Prayers are listened to and answered more quickly because the one we pray is not only present, but is closely involved in prayer. We need to clarify our priority before accepting, accepting or approving, especially wives and husbands, because your decisions based on your agreements will determine the strength of your marriage. Martin Luther said, “Indeed, the Church on earth has no greater power or work than a united prayer against all that might strike her.” 16What harmony exists between god`s temple and idols? Because there are two of us. We can also say that there must be an agreement to leave with a request from God or not, with a project, etc. Matthew 18:19 gives us a clear certainty that there will always be a prayer answered if there is an agreement. Let`s look at the following passages and examine what each of them says on the theme of convergence: the POA is extremely powerful because the invisible presence of Jesus manifests itself. To be in agreement is to be in unity.

It is as one. Christian brothers, Christian workers, wives, husbands, what determines your correspondence with others? The POA brought encouragement, consolation, unity and strength when Jesus made his request before God. This stage of the contracting process allows us to know and understand our partner or partners before agreeing on a problem. This partner could be an active partner, a business partner. That`s why the agreement breeds friendship, as it requires involving two or more people with common opinions or backgrounds. The first condition in the process of the agreement is to have at least one friend, in other words; You must have at least one preferred companion to begin the agreement process. This is why Amos 3:3 asked the question: “Do two go together, unless they have agreed on this? The Bible says, “How good and pleasant it is for brothers to live together…¬†Ps 133:1-3 It is clear from today`s study that many powerful spiritual tasks can be accomplished by agreement. This is the main reason why the devil does not want unity and convergence between people who must have relationships. Check it out, is there a way to allow the enemy to spend a day on the ground because you refuse to agree with someone you have a relationship with? May the Lord give us the grace to do what is right. there between Christ and Belial[1]? What does a believer have in common with a 2nd prayer: children look forward to learning and living for Jesus.

Note: Ask the audience, “Have you ever had a heavy heart because of a personal problem and wanted to ask God for help, but didn`t you know how to get started? The great thing about POA is that there are people in your life who can help you connect with God. .

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