What Is The Anglo Irish Agreement

Posted by on October 15, 2021

On 23 November, eight days after the agreement was signed, more than 150,000 people gathered in Belfast to protest. In a typically sharp manner, Paisley condemned Thatcher for lowering the rights of the loyalists. He also attacked Dublin: “Where do terrorists return to find refuge? To the Republic of Ireland! And yet, Mrs Thatcher tells us that the Republic must have a say in our province. We say never! Never! Never!¬†At the other end of the political scale, hardline Republicans rejected the deal because Dublin recognized British sovereignty over Northern Ireland. The Provisional IRA claimed recognition of the deal, suggesting that its armed campaign had forced the British to make concessions to the nationalists. Sinn Fein simply decided to reject the agreement and condemn it at every opportunity. Paramilitary violence continued on both sides, but did not escalate significantly. The excessive language of politicians, the threats of violence from Armed Protestant men who possess an abundance of weapons and the grumpy mood of the entire trade union community, from academic intellectuals to the unemployed, do not bode well for the reconciliation of the two northern communities, which is the ideal that the agreement seeks to achieve. As the two governments worked to implement the deal, there was no reason to doubt the words of Barry White, deputy editor of the Belfast Telegraph and respected observer of the northern scene, who had written a few months earlier: “Protestant unionists and Catholic nationalists in Northern Ireland have never been so far apart. “The Uk Government accepts that the Irish Government may provide views and proposals on issues related to Northern Ireland.¬†Presumably, no government invites another government to give advice on matters within its own jurisdiction unless it intends to take that advice seriously. The Agreement does not provide for any procedure for the settlement or settlement of disputes.

He merely said: “In the interest of promoting peace and stability, the Conference will make a determined effort to resolve any differences.” The outcome of this meeting between the two prime ministers is an extraordinarily vague agreement on procedures and details, but clear on the broad scope of the planned cooperation between the two governments. .

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