Council Garage Tenancy Agreement

Posted by on September 16, 2021

You are asked to sign a garage rental agreement that says you are going to do it: if you rent a garage, you can park your vehicle in the garage, but do not park on the forecourt in front and you may be subject to a parking penalty if you do. If another vehicle is parked in front of your garage and prevents you from removing your vehicle, please call the police at 101 for advice. Please be careful when making repairs to your own vehicle. Council provides facilities for the disposal of used engine oil at the Mile Cross Recycling Centre In accordance with the agreement, Council is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the exterior of the garage. You should report all necessary repairs to the Council. The garage should be emptied and swept away, and any additions you may have added should be removed. To terminate your garage contract, we need a period of 1 week either in writing or by filling out the online termination form….

Last modified on September 16, 2021

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