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There are offences against the administration of justice. [12] [13] The objective of the Indigenous Justice Work component is to assist Indigenous peoples in conflict with the criminal justice system to be treated fairly, justly and culturally sensitively. The objectives of the component are as follows: Section 6(c) of the Contempt of Court Act 1981 provides that nothing in the preceding provisions of this Act shall limit liability for failure of the court with respect to conduct intended to obstruct or impair the administration of justice. Section 24 of that Act provides that “all laws and statutes in force at the time of the enactment of this Act in the domain of England” (i.e. 1828) shall be “applied in the administration of justice of the courts of New South Wales”, and an attempt is made to limit the words “all laws and statutes” by referring in the section to the words “in connection with the proceedings” or an equivalent expression. This is at least the only understandable way to support the argument, because the words in the section “administration of justice” – would certainly imply a limitation of the period within which the appeal can be brought, and their lordships consider that the language of the section cannot be limited to the point of excluding the statute. which, for the reasons invoked by the learned judges, were and are so important for the administration of justice in the colony. [3] 21U. K.In section 42 of the County Courts Act 1959 (jurisdiction by agreement in certain actions) for the terms “division of succession, divorce and admiralty” replaces the words “family division or have involved the exercise of the high court`s admiralty jurisdiction”.] The administration of justice is an act normally related to the exercise of governmental functions. When a government does this, it exercises its sovereignty. It would therefore be a violation of British sovereignty if a foreign government did this act on British territory without permission. [11] Section 2 of the Visiting Forces Act 1952 allows the Courts of the External Action Service to exercise jurisdiction in the United Kingdom.

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