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To have the apprenticeship contract signed before you arrive in Siena, please send it to the email address of your Erasmus coordinator. The initial apprenticeship agreement must be handed over to the students` office, together with the minutes of documents issued by the host university, in order to complete the recognition process. The additional option 2019: “Following the latest general update of the OLS, a new feature, called `multilingualism`, has been introduced, allowing mobility participants who have obtained a trial license from a university project (HE) and who have obtained a result equivalent to or above B2 to choose the language or languages they wish to learn themselves. This option will be displayed on the screen just before the end of the test. The languages on offer are the language of learning (mainly English) and the national language of their destination country. If a participant is connected to the course, it is unfortunately no longer possible to add, delete or modify the language of learning. If a student wants to change the language test, an email should be sent to erasmus.out@unisi.it. This cannot be done after the language courses have been awarded. Within 10 days of the end of mobility, the student must send to erasmus.out@unisi.it the following 3 pdf files: Se the accordo not essere essere consegnato allo sportello per la chiususa causa COVID, deve essere prima inviato per e-mail a erasmus.out@unisi.it e poi spedito a mezzo posta raccomandata al seguente indirizzo: – For all mobility before conclusion, the apprenticeship agreement must be handed over to the student office for approval by the school board before departure. Students taking Grade 3 courses must obtain the approval of the course committee. You don`t need to send a copy of your learning agreement to the Incoming Mobility Office before you arrive.

During the application process, you must complete a program of study (apprenticeship agreement). Students who come to Siena as part of an international mobility programme such as Erasmus, a bilateral agreement, Coimbra SEN, ect, should contact the Incoming Mobility Office for any questions related to their period of study at UNISI. Per consultare il giorno di ricevimento del coordinatore UNISI andare sul sito segreteriaonline.unisi.it/Home.doCliccare sulla voce “Ricerca docenti” inserire le informazioni nei campi e avviare la ricerca. If the agreement cannot be abandoned at the international office due to the blocking of COVID, it must be sent by email to erasmus.out@unisi.it, and then sent by letter recommended to the address of the office: marteda: apertura su appuntamento al pubblico in presenza dalle 10:00 all 13:00 (solo per emergenza e motivando l`appuntamento, invare una email a learning.incoming@unisi.it almeno 2 giorni prima di prendere l`appuntamento) The learning agreement contains the courses you wish to take at UNISI and the ECTS points awarded. The student must send the documents below (with the exception of item 3) to the erasmus.out@unisi.it who forward them to the British Council. CoS is usually issued after 4 weeks. The language test is mandatory at the beginning and end of mobility. The student receives the keys after the delivery of the scholarship contract. If the result of the first test is less than C, the student will have the opportunity to take an online language course. After arriving at the host university and after the start date of mobility, the student must send the certificate to erasmus.out@unisi.it with a copy of the boarding pass or another travel ticket.

Il Learning Agreement é un documento important e dovré essere inviato via e-mail a learning.incoming@unisi.it (dopo averlo fatto firmare dal coordinatore accademico di Siena che vi ej stato assegnato) o altro desk di competenza, entro le scadenze indicate.

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