Us Hungary Defense Cooperation Agreement

Posted by on October 13, 2021

In essence, these agreements create a long-term institutional framework for routine bilateral defence relations, including defence policy coordination, joint military exercises, working groups and committees, training and education exchanges, defence-related research and development, and public procurement. As a master plan, the CADs reserve specific details of the implementation of the protocols and the modalities of implementation. This flexibility means that CADs can both enhance traditional defense capabilities and tackle non-traditional protein threats such as terrorism, human trafficking, piracy and cybersecurity. It is important that CADs do not contain mutual obligations in defence or non-attack. They are not alliances. And unlike the forms of defense cooperation that dominated great power politics during the Cold War, they are typically very symmetrical and mutually commit to a common set of guidelines. Historically, states have tried to reassure partners in this way. . . .

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