Tripartite Agreement Lebanon

Posted by on October 12, 2021

The dispute between Samir Geagea and Elie Hobeika over control of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LF) had already begun in March 1985. In the same month, Samir Geagea took control of the LF after defeating the last leader of the Phalangist militia, Fouad Abu Nader. However, in May of the same year, Elie Hobeika was appointed head of this unit. In December 1985, Hobeika signed, on behalf of the LF, an agreement with the Syrian government, the Druzic Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) under Walid Jumblatt and the Shiite Muslim movement Amal under nabih Berri, known as the Tripartite Agreement. One of the cornerstones of the agreement was the dissolution of the Lebanese militias. It also provided for the introduction of political changes that would end the Christian domination of the Lebanese parliament and the Lebanese army. On January 1, 1986, the 9th Brigade of the Lebanese Army attacked LF loyalists in East Beirut.

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