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Sometimes a logbook containing details of the ship`s voyages (see section 6) as well as agreements and crew lists have been filed. Agreement for Domestic Commercial Vessels (Annex B) These agreements also existed between the master and the crew and concerned coastal vessels and fishing vessels. Forms had to be filed within 30 days of the end of June or December. A ship sailing in British coastal waters completed a crew list every six months. When a ship sailed out of British waters, a document called an occupancy agreement was completed for each voyage. Among the crew members are a wide variety of trades such as decks, machinery personnel, stewards, nurses and maids. Crew lists apply only to British merchant ships. To find crew lists for these years, you need to know the name of the ship on which only one sailor sails. This was not indicated in the maritime service records until 1854. A search in our catalog of all available crew lists is convenient only for small ports. A crew agreement contains details about a ship, including the port of registry, tonnage, mode of propulsion, owner or intended voyage.

It shall also contain information about each crew member, including the name of the person, the year of birth and place of birth, capacity, the previous ship on which the ship was served and the date of signature on and next to the ship. There are no nominal clues on the occupancy lists. In order for us to search the agreements for a particular sailor, we need to know the name or official number of the ship and the approximate data on which that person served it. Once a person has been found, it is sometimes possible to trace their career by previous ships. Some of these recordings are made from the Crew List Index Project (CLIP), which aims to improve access to british sailors` recordings for the late nineteenth century by indexing records from local registrars throughout Britain. The task is ongoing and voluntary transcripts and checkers are encouraged to get involved. A crew list contains the details of each crew member on board a British commercial vessel. Most types of crew lists and agreements contain brief details about the ship, its captain and travels at the time of submission, as well as the following information for each crew member: If you find a name and find out the previous ship your sailor served on, you should check that ship`s crew list in order to trace their career back in time…

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