Aircraft Charter Agreement Definition

Posted by on September 10, 2021

2.03 THE OPERATIONAL AUTHORITY. The performance of any flight planned by the air carrier shall be subject to the timely granting of such authorizations, authorizations, authorizations and operating authorities required by a government, governmental authority or airport authority for the operation of such a flight, including, but not limited to, the necessary landing, transit, overflight and buoyancy rights. If, despite the carrier`s efforts, a governmental authority or airport authority does not issue, refuse or refuse the authorizations, authorizations, authorizations or operating licenses referred to in this document in good time before the scheduled departure, in order to reasonably allow the carrier to make the necessary flight arrangements, or to withdraw or cancel them after their separation, Cancel the decision on the flights concerned without any liability in case of penalties or damages. In the event of such denunciation, the CARRIER shall reimburse without delay all the sums it has received from the CHARTERER, with the exception of the part of the price of the charter due to the carriage already carried out by the CARRIER and the remaining carriage carried out by the carrier or by another carrier on the instructions of the carrier. The intermediary shall bind the carrier to make the aircraft available to the charterer in accordance with the schedule below and the charterer shall fly from the intermediary under the conditions set out in the schedule below and under the conditions set out in the general terms and conditions annexed to this Agreement and which are part of this Agreement. 2.05 AIRCRAFT SAFETY. The captain of the aircraft has the right to take all necessary measures to ensure safety. The responsible pilot, in coordination with the CARRIER and in accordance with the CARRIER`s manuals and procedures, approved by the competent governmental authority, has imposed full discretion and final jurisdiction over the operation of the aircraft, including, but not limited to, all matters relating to passengers, loading, cargo and distribution, whether and how a flight is to be carried out. whether he is to deviate from the indicated route for which the landings are to take place, whether passage to a person whose condition could represent a danger or risk to himself, other passengers or property with himself or his property must be refused or he must get off the aircraft, as well as other matters relating to the operation of the aircraft. This finding by the responsible pilot is binding on the CHARTERER AND on all passengers.

The agreement: Any contract between the carrier and the charterer for the chartering of the aircraft by the airline. 4.01. FREE LUGGAGE. . . .

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