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Like other bilateral free trade agreements with the United States, investment, services, government procurement, intellectual property and agriculture will be more recent. Many expect it to be modelled on the free trade agreement between the United States and Singapore. The United States and Thailand began negotiations in June 2004 for a bilateral comprehensive free trade agreement. U.S.-Thailand FTA News FTA Talks Revived AFP, June 25, 2008 Japan Congress Presses to Approve Korea Trade Agreement Reuters, December 7, 2007 Thailand Free Trade Negotiations Review was delayed Wall Street Journal, March 3, 2006 Thailand engages in free trade negotiations in the United States following Reuters investigation, March 1, 2006 Thai trade negotiation with U.S. resignation after The Associated Press review , 19 January 2006 Thousands of protests against US Thai Reuters trade negotiations, 9 January 2006 10.00 expected, to protest US free trade negotiations The Nation (Thailand), 6 January 2006 Technical talks dominate US Thai FTA Round, Bridges October 5, 2005 Thailand says trade pact could take time Associated Press, September 21, 2005 The United States and Thailand have concluded five rounds of negotiations for a Thai U.S. free trade agreement. According to an October 2005 USTR report, positive steps have been taken on issues such as trade in services and foreign investment. The last round of discussions took place in January 2006. Negotiators had hoped to reach an agreement in 2006, but this was delayed due to a military coup in Thailand that began when Prime Minister Shinawatra visited the United States in September 2006. The United States has informed the Thai transitional government that the restoration of democracy is a precursor to the continuation of free trade negotiations. Further discussions are on hold. The groups that defend the trade and investment agreement are Unocal, General Motors and Nike.

Critics of Congress also doubt the wisdom of negotiating a trade deal with Thailand if the current government of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra pursues a shocking policy in several areas. Some members of Congress criticized Thaksin`s close relationship with the military dictatorship of neighboring Burma. Thaksin has been the subject of international condemnation by the United Nations and other institutions, governments and human rights monitors for the fight against drugs, which has claimed up to 3,000 lives. Thaksin was also criticized for consolidating a significant part of the media under his control. It describes the bilateral and multilateral trade agreements to which that country belongs, including with the United States. Includes websites and other resources that allow U.S. companies to get more information about how they can use these agreements. U.S.-Thailand FTA Overview The U.S. Trade Representative`s Office has begun negotiations with Thailand for a bilateral free trade and investment agreement, the prospects of which are already highly controversial in both countries. The two countries hope to conclude the negotiations next year. In 2015, bilateral trade between the United States and Thailand amounted to nearly $40 billion. A free trade agreement could significantly boost trade and further strengthen an important strategic relationship.

In October 2004, the U.S.-Thai Free Trade Coalition met with a delegation from the Thai Foreign Affairs Committee.

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