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You can also use the forms for the Financial Extract Court if you are not tried. Forms can be useful because they show you what the court is considering to decide your support and ownership issues. They also tell you what documents you need to provide to your partner to prove what you said in your financial file. Annual accounts must be deposited on pink paper. Each estate and family court has copies of forms of financial extracts on pink paper. If you fill out the form electronically, print it on pink paper. If you are dealing with property issues, you need to provide more financial documents to the other party. These documents should be dated as close as possible to the time at which you and the other party are separated. Financial documents relating to real estate may contain: The court has two different versions of documents of financial extracts. The version you use depends on your income. Finally, the offer made to the other party to verify the mandatory mentions without actually providing them is not in accordance with the rule. In Re re: the Marriage of Hunt, 2015 COA 58, the parties signed an agreement stipulating that the value of the transaction sold to the husband was $250,000. The wife initially waived the right to evaluate the business and, although the husband did not provide her with the business documents, she also waived the right to inspect it.

Prior to the court`s adoption of the agreement, the woman had changed her mind and asked the judge to cancel the agreement. However, the judge accepted the agreement and the woman appealed. The Court of Appeal set aside and found that the mere provision of mandatory references was not sufficient – they must indeed be presented. Depending on the change in your financial situation, you can update your financial statement by completing it: when completing the sworn financial statement, a party must check its underlying financial documents to complete them correctly. These documents, along with an exhaustive list of other financial information, must be presented to the other party. In the event of a divorce, a financial report is required if you have family allowances, spousal allowances or property or debt rights. To ensure that the divorce process goes as you wish, it will be necessary to take the time to complete these forms as accurately as possible. The more detailed and correct you are, the better the court and your spouse can assess your financial needs in a divorce. If your family law case involves a right to custody, sped assistance or the distribution of property, you must complete, submit and serve these forms.

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