Memorandum Of Agreement Of Work Immersion

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4 B. School Responsibilities SCHOOL: 1. Identify and indicate the SHS traces, strands and/or specializations that will be the subject of the partnership (see Appendix D) 2. Make the necessary adjustments to contextualize SHS themes based on the company`s deninputs. 3. Identify a person responsible for coordinating with the company and overseeing student activities during the duration of the work immersion program. 4. Continue to exercise parental authority under the family code over the graduate student in immersion in the partner`s premises. 5. Monitor each student`s progress throughout the work immersion program to ensure that the tasks assigned to each student are useful, difficult and applicable to their respective programs and are able to maximize the quality of the learning experience.

6. Provide the ENTREPRISE with an assessment tool for student diving performance. 7. Deliver a final grade to the student at the end of the requirements within a prescribed time frame. 8. Make sure the student complies with the company`s business confidentiality guidelines agreed upon by the school. (see Appendix F) 9. Please include signed consent forms from parents (see Appendix G) 10.

Provide THE ENTREPRISE with a certificate of participation in the SHS program, regardless of its purpose. 11. Confirm acceptance as an opportunity to recognize and recognize the donation received by the company. 12. Check, facilitate and approve the application of the business to benefit from the tax incentive/exemption, as in the R.A. known as the Adoption-A-School Act of C. The company mandates: 1) a competent immersion coordinator of the company to get in touch with the school and to take care of the students for the duration of the program, without prejudice to the specific parental authority of the school, its administrators and their teachers, in order to ensure an effective execution of all stages of the program. 5 2.

Provide contributions to the program through deped discussions or workshops. 3. Give their expertise by making resident resource centres available to students. 4. Allow students to be deployed on the basis of the daily work programme of activities on the company`s various sections/departments/project sites. 5. Accept the required number of hours of the immersion program defined in the DEpEd SHS program. (see Appendix C and D) 6. Provide immersion opportunities for students for the school year (see Appendix C and Appendix D) 7.

Give students guidance on the company, its activities and the work of its staff and expose them to the different players in the community in which THE ENTREPRISE works for students in order to gain a global understanding of their activity. 8. In the same way, ensure that students take course-related training and provide students with work or activities that are multiple and applicable to their field of study.

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