Hawaii Property Management Agreement

Posted by on April 10, 2021

This is an important legal requirement. If you own a property and do not live in Hawaii, you must hire a local property manager on the same island as your property. In most rental markets, real estate investors and homeowners who live a-state have the option of choosing a local property manager or looking after their property themselves, wherever they may be. As you can see, there are a number of issues that an owner must consider when hiring a property manager for the owner`s Hawaiian land. A lawyer can help you identify these issues and discuss the associated risks and your potential options. For more information on these and other Hawaii real estate management requirements, please contact the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. Yes, yes. The key elements of real estate management (rental and leasing) are considered real estate activities under existing Hawaii real estate licensing legislation. Hawaii law requires that an owner who does not reside in Hawaii, but who leases the owner`s Hawaiian property or resides on an island other than the one where the property is located, must hire a Hawaiian property manager who resides on the same island as the owner`s rental unit. Under this national law, you must designate a real estate manager for your Hawaii lease.

A good rental experience starts with a strong lease. Check the agreement you`re using, and if it doesn`t reflect your property management company, check it out. We can help if you`re not sure where to find a role model or how to integrate the right language. Each administrative arrangement is unique and each property manager has its own way of operating. However, you want to be sure that your management contract of things like: As a result, the owner must not only name that person on the Hawaiian lease, but also enter into a property management contract with a Hawaiian real estate manager to manage, operate, control, lease and lease the owner`s Hawaiian property. Although each agreement is unique, especially with respect to obligations, responsibilities and payments, certain items must be addressed in every Hawaii property management contract, including, but not limited to the following: Before hiring a real estate manager to manage your Hawaii rental property, you should always check if he or she is authorized accordingly. You can check the status of Hawaii property managers` licenses on the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs-Lizenz-Lizenz-Felde website. Many homeowners are not aware of this legislation, and it can put them in costly legal difficulties. If you are not yet working with a Hawaii real estate management company and you live on another island or in a different state than your property, make sure that you comply with the law and that you meet its requirements. Requirements (No.

467-1) – A person who manages real estate on behalf of a real estate owner must have a brokerage license, unless he is employed directly by the owner as a “custodian or janitor” or is employed by a licensed real estate agent. Hawaii Revised Statutes Section 521-43 (f) states: “f) Any owner or owner who resides without the state or on another island from which the rental unit is located refers to a broker who resides on the same island where the unit is located to act on behalf of the owner or owner.” Contact us and we can help you verify your potential Hawaii property manager`s proposal. Laws like these often seem restrictive and prohibitive, but it`s actually designed to protect you, your tenants and your investment. Remote rental property management is difficult. If you have someone in the same neighborhood, you will enjoy much more tranquility.

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