Avanti West Coast Franchise Agreement

Posted by on April 8, 2021

The West Coast Partnership franchise has been operated by Avanti West Coast since December 2019. The franchise includes long-distance transportation services on the West Coast Main Line and is intended to include future HS2 services. It replaced the former InterCity West Coast franchise, which has been operated by Virgin Trains since 1997. Avanti West Coast is 70% owned by FirstGroup and 30% by Trenitalia, the national rail operator in Italy. FirstGroup also operates the Great Western Railway and TransPennine Express franchises and the South Western Railway franchise in a joint venture with MTR Corporation. Trenitalia also operates the c2c franchise on its own. The deal replaces the old West Coast Rail Direct Award 2018 franchise agreement, which expired on December 8, 2019. On March 23, 2020, following the coronavirus outbreak, grant Shapps used Section 118 of the Railways Act 1993 to suspend all current franchise agreements with private rail operators and replace them with new six-month emergency agreements (EMAs). While some FirstGroup franchisees face financial challenges, the West Coast Partnership`s financial model is expected to remain stable. Our experience in implementing a wide range of rail projects, including listed buildings, gives us the opportunity to assess all of their obligations and contracts and identify issues related to the proper course of action to launch the franchise.

The ministry said the maximum tax given by the government for train operators 2% of the value of a deductible before the start of the covid-19 pandemic. Phil Whittingham, general manager of Virgin Trains since 2013, becomes director of the InterCity West Coast passenger train operating division of the new franchise. There is nothing to prevent you from publishing the contract at the same time as the answer to my question: “The publication for the first time of the Avanti West Coast franchise agreement on the ministry`s website will allow everyone to see it at the same time and offer a clear and consistent approach.” In November 2016, the Department of Transportation (DfT) announced that the InterCity West Coast franchise would be replaced by the West Coast Partnership (WCP), which would include the operation of high speed 2 (HS2) services from 2026. [1] – The franchise has already begun. It is extraordinary that the public does not even know what Avanti has to offer. The availability of the franchise agreement would allow the public to verify that franchise commitments are being met. We helped the “first day” and branding teams in implementing their ambitions in the first weeks of the franchise regarding station ownership. This reason has no justification: “It is important that we are able to publish the Avanti West Coast franchise agreement in a way, the form and timing of our own choice.” We were able to advise other teams within the larger mobilization team, where there was a property interface, and we continued our commitment beyond mobilizing the franchise, which now sits on the new real estate team as part of the transition.

In August 2019, the DfT awarded the franchise to the First Trenitalia consortium with Avanti West Coast to enter service on December 8, 2019. [8] [9] The Competition Authority has opened an investigation into the merger with a view to awarding the franchise following a referral by the European Commission. [10] [11] United Kingdom: Avanti West Coast was officially unveiled on November 27 as a brand name for the new West Coast Partnership franchise.

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