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Kinky and Geeky – Episode 1 – TERMINOLOGY!

Monday, September 10th, 2012

It’s episode ONE! Recorded on Sunday September ninth, twenty-twelve. Lowki and Fox are joined by Jack (With SSI) and Red. We talk (a lot) about words, vocabulary, terminology, labels and stuff like that. This one’s a little long, and the audio isn’t perfect, but stick with it, it’s an interesting listen!


Next week we’re going to Folsom Fair so there might not be an episode, but please send us  your comments, questions and curiosities. We’re probably going to be talking about the Faire next week so send us any questions or stories you have about kink or geek events!


Ok, here are the links:


Geeklink – Stephen Fry on Language –

Geeklink – Fatman on Batman –


Other links:

San Francisco Sex Information –

Dark Odyssey Surrender Nov. 9-11 –

Persona 4 Super Replay –

Photo of dog –

Some days you can’t get rid of a bomb (batman) –

Gilbert Godfried reading 50 shades –

Tower of London –

MrS Leather –

Two Knotty Boys –

Twisted Monk –

Geeknights –

Games of Berkeley –

Ironclaw –

Werewolf –

Dresden Files –

Cards Against Humanity –

Foxy-Fluffs –

Darkon –

Mer Suite –

Nerdist podcast –




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Kinky and Geeky – Episode 0

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

It’s episode zero!
Today we talk about… well mostly ourselves. We ramble and rave, and try to put into words what we’re trying to do here at Kinky and Geeky. That is to say, we want to educate, and entertain, and interact!


Here are the links we mention in the podcast!


KinkLink – FetLife –

GeekLink – GaymerCon –


Other stuff we mention:

Rule 34 –

Skyrim –

Twisted monk –

Citidel –

Fat-ugly-or-slutty – (And yes, Fox got the order wrong, but he got all the words, that’s enough right!)

Mass Effect relationships – (Warning! Spoilers!)

Lion of the Sun (Fursuits) – (Seriously, check these out, they’re amazing)

DrWho Shoes –




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