Zedra Reaches Agreement To Acquire Lj Fiduciary

Posted by on April 16, 2021

Ms. Bodell`s career spans 25 years in the area of fiduciary services. Financial services group Zedra announced the acquisition of LJ Fiduciary by investment firm Alvarium. . ZEDRA recently announced the acquisition of Talenture, an independent enterprise services provider specializing in providing consulting solutions and business services to international entrepreneurs and businesses in Lugano, Switzerland. Robert Burton, Head of LJ Fiduciary: “Working with Zedra, we believe our customers will benefit from improved global coverage and a very positive cultural adjustment in a combined company that will continue to focus on providing quality services to meet customer needs. LJ`s fiduciary teams ensure a smooth transition to the combined business without disrupting our customers or their operations.┬áIn November 2018, Corsair Capital, a leading private equity firm, made significant investments in ZEDRA. ZEDRA`s management team, which owns a significant part of the business, was convinced that the additional investments would enable ZEDRA to leverage long-term know-how and relationships and do more to anticipate and meet all of our clients` needs. The agreement employs nearly 50 new Zedra employees, employing more than 500 people in 13 countries.

In total, there will now be more than 70 employees in Switzerland, on the Isle of Man there are now more than 100. Alvarium is based on a traditional business banking model and acts as a trusted consultant in public and private markets to identify talented managers and direct investment opportunities through three divisions: (1) Investment Consulting; (2) co-investments; and (3) advice in the commercial banking sector. LJ Fiduciary`s Swiss and Man service offering includes comprehensive services for individuals, funds and corporate administration, which will enhance ZEDRA`s Active-Wealth strategy. This concept includes the dynamic way ZEDRA supports wealthy families and individuals in their investment needs, recognizing that modern wealth is diverse and that ZEDRA is a partner capable of providing the full range of tailored, slimmer and more efficient solutions. Manxwoman Ms Bodell, 46, who was recently promoted to chief executive after joining Zedra two years ago as director, said there was “a great atmosphere” among the island office staff. Ivo Hemelraad, Director of zeDRA Group, commented on the acquisition as follows: “This acquisition will give us an important opportunity to accelerate our growth by diversifying into different customer segments in these two jurisdictions, Switzerland and the Isle of Man. It will strengthen mutual strengths and strong existing market positions. LJ Fiduciary has a first class clientele and staff and we look forward to welcoming both into the ZEDRA group. After the agreement is approved by the local authorities, LJ Fiduciary will be renamed and integrated into the existing Zedra network. Our experienced teams offer quality solutions tailored to our clients, including wealthy individuals and their families looking for diversified asset solutions, as well as mid- and large-sized companies, asset managers and their investors. Ms. Bodell, recently promoted to Chief Executive Officer of Zedra, said about 30 employees working for LJ Fiduciary in Parliament Square, Ramsey, will join their colleagues.

ZEDRA inherited a wealth of knowledge and experience following the acquisition of fiduciary operations of a renowned bank in 2016. This solid foundation, combined with innovative thinking, enabled ZEDRA to quickly become a team of 500 experts from 13 countries in Asia, Oceania, North America and South America and Europe in a competitive market.

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